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Over the years, Jess & Jim’s has gotten a lot of accolades from various sources. Read for yourself what others think about our great steak house.

Steakhouse celebrates 70 years – Kurt Kloeblen in the Wednesday Sun has an article on the 70 year anniversary of Jess & Jim’s. READ MORE

Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse Celebrates 70 Years – An article by Arthur McGregor in the Jackson County Advocate.READ MORE

Esquire Writer John Mariani tabs Jess & Jim’s “Playboy Strip” as one of America’s “Best 20″ steaks. READ MORE

Steakhouse celebrates 70 years – Owners Mike and Debbie Van Noy are ever present fixtures at Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse, now celebrating its 70th year of business. READ MORE

Jess and Jim’s is second on CityGuide for the best steaks! We are one of the top steak houses in the city, come on by and check us out!

October 2005 Cowboys Indians Magazine: The West’s Best Steakhouses. Opened in 1938 as a bar-and-grill and at its current location since 1957, Jess & Jim’s is so damn loveable in the best sense of Midwestern hospitality that its worth the 30-minute drive from downtown K.C. READ MORE

September 2005 435 South Magazine: The restaurant business runs in the Van Noy family. Mike, Debbie, Ashley, Rachael and Mikey Van Noy are indeed friendly faces to all who regularly visit Jess & Jim’s Steak House.READ MORE

August 1997 KC Persona: At 67, Raymond Charles (R.C.) Van Noy is a lively and hilariously candid storyteller, especially when the tales involve his cousin, the late Jim Wright, a sometimes gruff, hard-drinking character who in 1938 founded one of the area’s most celebrated steak houses with his best friend, Jess Kincaid. READ MORE

Kansas City Sports Dines Out: It had been almost 15 years since I visited Jess and Jim’s. With my gut full of high quality fixings, my hands full of boxes of leftovers and a toothpick in my teeth, I stepped into the cool Martin City night thinking Jess and Jim should be damn proud of what they started and what the Van Noy family continues. READ MORE

August 2, 2001 – Kansas City Star, Hearne Christopher Jr.: Would you believe, touched by a bunny…? For the second time in its 60-plus year history Jess & Jim’s restaurant has been singled out in the pages of Playboy magazine for its cuisine. The just-out September issue calls it “the quintessential Midwestern steakhouse…It’s right next to the railroad tracks, the meat hangs proudly in the window, the wait for a table can seem interminable and the desserts are minimal. You come here for great steaks.” READ MORE

In 1972, Playboy writer Calvin Trillin put Jess and Jim’s on the national map. In 2001, Playboy writer John Mariani picks us as one of the 12 Best Steakhouses In America.


Travel + Leisure, February 2013: “The two-inch-thick, 25-ounce sirloin…delivered well charred and sizzling, still lives up to that hype.” READ MORE

MSN, 2014: “Family owned and operated since 1938, this no-frills, casual steakhouse is no pomp, and all steak.” READ MORE

USA Today, 2014: “These folks are serious about their beef, cutting it fresh daily…” READ MORE

The New York Times, May 13, 2014: “It turns out that you truly don’t need a grill to cook a great steak…” SEE ARTICLE

The Daily Meal, July 11, 2013 SEE ARTICLE